Opening evening address by Jack Shea, leader in faith movement within Catholic Healthcare

More important than articulating the mission of a faith-based non-profit on paper or on a wall is the practicing of it and living it out. (In our table group, one administrator commented that a new employee in orientation saw the mission of that non-profit best expressed by the supervisor of the laundry in that facility.)  

Workshop on “Centering Prayer” by Melvin Janzen, President-Elect of MCA

  • Transformation in prayer happens as we move from talking to God, to listening for God, to resting in God.
  • Check out “” for an app that guides one in centering prayer.
  • A quotation shared by Melvin: “Scripture moves down from your head and begins, through your feelings, to engage your heart.” (in the process of centering prayer)

Workshop on “Ministering Toward a Vision” by Kenton Derstine, President of MCA

Don’t separate your values from the convictions which shape and the practices which express those values.

Practice a “holy curiosity” in relating to those whose faith is different from yours, without judgment of the other and without letting go of your own convictions.

It is appropriate and right to maintain the particularity of your faith convictions, with humility, as you relate with those who have different faith convictions. Showing respect to the person of the other does not mean it is necessary to seek a mere commonality of generalities in relating with the other.


Workshop on “Facilitating Difficult Conversations” by Allen Rutter, Shalom Counseling Center in OH, and Valerie Rempel, Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary

Declaring “God told me…” can be verbal spiritual violence in a conflict situation.

On the other hand, beware of the stance of avoidance of the other in conflict. Even prayer can be a means of avoidance.

Trust is most quickly built through expressing vulnerability with one another.


Closing Morning Wrap-up Participant Terry Rose, Pastoral Ministries of Messiah Lifeways

Living out a winsome witness of our faith may invite curiosity from those without faith [or of a different faith] and lead to exploring in conversation together.


~ March, 2015,

Jim Leaman